Christmas Sample Pack

We know Christmas is a busy time for you and your worship teams so we wanted to take a small load off your back this Christmas. We created 13 perfect Christmas samples that will get you through the busy Christmas season so you can focus on what really matters!


  • Christmas_BELL TREE 2.wav
  • Christmas_BELL TREE.wav
  • Christmas_BLOCK (HI).wav
  • Christmas_BLOCK (LOW).wav
  • Christmas_GLOCKENSPIEL (C).wav
  • Christmas_GLOCKENSPIEL (G).wav
  • Christmas_SLEIGH BELLS.wav
  • Christmas_TIMPANI (C).wav
  • Christmas_TIMPANI (G).wav
  • Christmas_TRIANGLE (CLOSED).wav
  • Christmas_TRIANGLE (OPEN).wav
  • Christmas_TUBE BELL (C).wav
  • Christmas_WIND CHIMES.wav