Laserdinger Samples

Artist: Markus Dinger

About This ARTIST Pack

The Laserdinger pack has over 150 samples of a real acoustic drum set that we recorded in the Bauer Studio Ludwigsburg (one of the most famous recording studios in Germany).

The setup was with vintage mics worth over 50,000 € and our Outbreak band drum set. The package includes many kick, snare (over 25), tom, hi-hat, crash, ride, rim, tambourine and add-on samples. Here you get a highly professionally recorded high-end drum kit as a sample package. Everything in different attack levels and versions. These samples are wonderful for producing, triggering and upgrading your sound.

Presets: Logic, Trigger 2

Gear Used For This Pack

Drumkit: DR Customs

  • Kick: 22×18
  • Rack tom: 12×9
  • Floor tom: 16×14


  • Truth Custom Snare (Brass) 14×8


  • Zildjian 16″ K Dark Custom (Hi-hat Top)
  • Istanbul Mehmet 16″ Samatya Series (Hi-hat Bottom)
  • Istanbul Mehmet 21″ 61st Anniversary Ride/Crash
  • Istanbul Mehmet 22″ 61st Anniversary Ride/Crash
  • Istanbul Mehmet 22″ Legend ride


  • Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal
  • Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad


  • Sticks: Los Cabos Drumsticks Red Hickory 5A
  • Drumheads
    • Evans EMAD2 (Kick)
    • HDDry Coated (Snare)
    • G2 coated (Toms)

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